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If you came looking for pictures from the IDHHB events pages, they will be up again soon. This site is under reconstruction.

The offerings here are intended to be signposts, little lights on your path of remembering. And it's good to remember gratitude - like for example: warm running water...a shower in the morning omg...you know, gratitude for the everyday things you appreciate in your life :)

Someone once told me: do what you are inspired to do... What are you inspired to do? - Are you doing that?
Then what if "you" had come to realize that a life of prayer and service is really the only one worth living - which "you" can the inspiration come from to be followed? Of course, inspiration by original definition is divine in-breathing.

In the process of emptying my storage unit I came across a box with old letters and cards that were sent to me. I read some of them today and was slightly amazed; who was this person that those folks were writing to? She seemed really nice - ....maybe it's not time to throw it all out. It's not even a matter of attachment - but re-discovery of another aspect of self, and it might be a hint to reintegrate certain qualities and practice them again - consciously this time :D.

Life in wakedown shakedown is not easy. It's been years now, and it certainly seems that it is accompanied by sometimes profound loss of any awakening and in fact discovery of an ego worse that I ever knew. ...

On another note, what is it we do leave behind, really?

Is it a life well lived? Is it a life made conscious? Is it a live full of love, and what kind of love are you talking a about? Does it really matter what kind of life we live...other than to your subjective pleasure, fun and well being on whatever level you're at in the evolutionary process? There is healing and integral life and tantra and helping and social this and relieving that....if it's to have a better life for yourself, family and friends...then so what? When we die, we leave everything behind - things, friends, relationships...or so the word is in some circles. Even your legacy, that associated with your name.

But then, as part of the Whole, we leave our mark on the Whole, whether we intend to or not, consciously or not, it does not matter.
There is the well functioning necessary ego for your everyday life, there is your essential self, there is your cumulative human primate bundle of habits and conditioning with your selfishness and self indulgent self expression, there is the divinely human being, there are things to practice after enlightenment, there are states and lines and the integrally evolved ones, there is selfless service and sacrifice and ...there is getting out of the way and letting the breath of god breathe you...and...to quote E.J Gold: "Enlightenment is just the beginning, later on come other skills, ...patience, a forgiving nature, extreme attention...." I found ignorance and unconsciousness to be the cause of "evil". On the path of selfless service, you do what needs to be done, you discover, you feel obligation...and you pay when you break the Law. As long as there is matter, there is suffering of all sentient beings - it's the Absolute on the cross of creation, it's a core wound, to speak inspired by E.J Gold and Saniel Bonder respectively - and as far as I can tell, it will ever go away...
so then - what is the best way to deal with it?

...and that's YOUR path...

Blessings on your path.
First Jazzart paintings, just because...