You can approach drawing as a spiritual practice. This I learned in a series of drawing classes. Have I kept it up as a practice? No - but every now and they some visions present themselves that want to be captured...and so I use what I learned, even though the drawing seems to always fall short...

This series of drawing DVDs are going to teach you drawing like you never thought you could:
Draw Good Now

These are really good art classes, which by the way also lend themselves superbly to group work.

This here is a video with a drawing titled: a different kind of voyage. It is inspired by a few different things.

Music from the CD "Ride That Carousel"
1997 Cloister Recordings

"Where is my Beloved Tonight?
A Sanctuary Bestowed
From a Vast Cool Hight."
Poet unknown

"A Different Kind Of Voyage"
Graphite Drawing on Paper
CWolters 2008