Clay sculptures - Getting in touch with mass and feeling as form

In my last year of the Barbara Brennan School, they introduced the Creative Arts Project. Lucky for me, this coincided with a pottery class I was taking at a community art class at the time. Those were my first attempts at working with clay, and I wanted to see if and how to express feelings with form. Here are some related pictures of that time, starting with my sculpture table.

This is part of the display for the BBSH arts project. The blue glazed sculpture was called "Pain", and there is a "Sleeping Cat". Then you can see photos of one called "Contemplation", "Healing the Split" and "Understanding", which don't at this time have separate images.





I liked the blue blanket with the sleeping cat on it :), and "Grrrr", held in hot anger

Breastfeeding mother and baby and resting - in a state of depletion and exhaustion

Years later, I learned a different way to work with clay from E.J. Gold, who was teaching sculpture, working with mass, the way he had been taught himself.