Christiane Wolters was born 1958 in West Germany. Being raised in what was still a post World War II environment left a strong impression on her developing being.

After medical school in Heidelberg/Mannheim, Christiane trained in Baltimore and New York to become a pediatrician and neonatologist. Once the rigors of medical school and recidency were behind her, she also began to seriously get herself on the path of her life quest. Through a coincidence in a Manhattan bookstore, this lead her to studying in the Survival School of Tom Brown Jr., also known as the Tracker and a real Coyote teacher. "It opened my perceptions of other realities, not visible to the human eye. It was amazing. I would not be here if it weren't for that".

Finding traditional medicine increasingly confining, Christiane also studied energy healing, graduating from theBarbara Brennan School of Healing in 2000, and trained in Hakomi therapy, maintaining a small healing practice for a few years while going part-time in the medical field, where she was still working as a pediatrician

At some point she realized that for the rest of her life, practice and service is what she needed to do.

The exact way, the next step was not clear. What showed up after an invovation was an invitation to play a video game while at a workshop with someone who has been described as a high tech shaman.

Says Christiane: "Can you believe that??? I asked a bunch of questions, not having ever played a video game, online or off, even having had disregard for it. I even bought a new computer to play. What happened was completely unexpected and amazing. The direction I was to take had clarified itself".

In November 2003, she moved into the foothills of the Sierra Mountains in California. Well, it so happens that the same group playing the videogames also deals in art, all kinds of art.
A question of her high school teacher resurfaced: Don't you want to go into Art? She did not really feel the drive and besides, having seen much amazing art, whether as sculpture, painting or words, it seemed impossible to create anything as beautiful or inspiring as that. Yet she often thought: "I wish I had a way to express this - be it a vision, mood or feeling - and communicate to others in ways that they 'get' it."

One December day in 2006, trying to help the group's booth for a street fair, Christiane started painting. It did not last long, even though the little meteorite painings were well received. In SEptember 2007, Christiane started studying Art with E.J. Gold

Christiane: What is Art? I cannot define it. Why do I do it, even in the very newbie stages...because that was what I was inspired to do and thinking that maybe what E.J. Gold says in his art-video is true: You can paint.
It is not about skill, it is about permission. You too can paint. Where it will lead, I don't know. What I already discovered is that it works better to be quiet within. Somehow the painting starts to speak, wanting a bit more of this color here or another brushstroke there.
I am reminded of something a New York cabdriver might answer if asked: How do you do get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. Haven't found something yet for which this is not true."

Here some websites link worth looking at A.H.Almaas, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber and Waking Down in Mutuality with Saniel Bonder, IDHHB,