Gaming - the intention with which you play makes all the difference

Video-gaming and spiritual work - you think that's really an absurd idea? I understand. I sorta felt the same way when the idea was first introduced. One important thing was the intention with which I embarked on the video gaming journey from the very beginning: I was on a path, a spiritual path (nvm for the moment whether or not there IS a path or what spiritual means), and the only reason I was playing this game because on that path, it was the thing that showed up as my next step in growth and learning. I never intended to play this for fun. In fact, I even had some disregard and disrespect for video gaming. But in this case, it was being used as a tool.
A tool for transformation.

Maybe I just really needed what happened, or I was willing to try out something - setting aside all objections for a while - but the effects of online gaming were mind blowing.

I think the possibilities for real work, accessing altered states, learning to work in a group, self study, sensing, realizations about death, rebirth and the endless cycle of it and so much more are largely unexplored using online video gaming as a tool.

What happened after the first couple of weeks of gaming blew me away, and that summer I was opened up in ways I had not known before. I still don't know how it really happened and all the factors involved. It certainly brought up real considerations on how reality gets created (that is, the reality this one here, me, experiences)

In time I have come to really like video gaming - and sometimes I forget the intention with which I started this and get lost in the worlds that are to be explored just like we got lost in the world of form ...:) - and the point is to wake up and remember and get back on track....

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