Dungeon Party

As reported by Dokgoth, July 5, 2009

An incredible adventure is starting. An online adventure of D&D. I am told I cannot spell it out, so I wanted to call it “Dungeons and Frogs” for fun - for now, but actually, we're calling it: “Dungeon Party”

You can participate from your computer at home.

If you did not watch last weeks Inner Circle Workshop, ICW (the one where the group from LA was playing this game) then you simply MUST watch this video first. OK? OK. . .you don't have you, however, it will clue you in on how and why this is happening. And even if you did attend the ICW, do yourself a favor and watch it again.

As you will see, the video is not exactly made for your regular Jane Doe and John Shmo. It presumes you are interested and even have some working knowledge of transit, parallel worlds, Beacon work and working in a POG, work on self and are participating or interested in Bardo Training as it is happening atm at IDHHB.
Having never played or watched D&D, I really wanted to play too . . . it looked like so much fun.

Here is the link to the video. It is on 2 channels on YouTube. Please comment:

What happened today, during the ICW July 5, 2009, is a continuation and implementation of this game "Dungeon Party" as part of Training. Those attending the online workshop could participate, though it looked like some were just watching.

WOW. It was......well, that's on the next page.

Make sure you watch the video before moving one to the next page here: Story and character choices