What is a Bardo Safari?

After my deep experiences in online gaming - and I even did safari type excursions with friends before getting further involved with IDHHB - it was easy for me to jump on the wagon when the online Bardo Training was invoked, or reinvoked in 2004. It took the form of online safaris. More on that in the next paragraph. It has been an interesting journey since then and I would say it's been an integral part of my practice - or vehicle for practical work on self, as it may be. There are some things that simply could and, and as far as I can tell, would not have happened, had it not been for the regularity and unfailing showing up for these adventures. A tool from the universe to provide a context to work, which I accepted. One should be glad to be given such work and I am very grateful for it, possibly for reasons you would never suspect. Generally, as long as it is useful to the purpose of the work aim, however that really could be defined, it will persist. By that I mean: does it serve the evolution of Being, the relief of suffering of the Absolute or, does it help those on the path toward that? It's time is now - and someday, I suspect, it will be gone, be it because it served it's purpose or the environmental conditions are such that it is no longer possible to meet like this.

Here is what it says on bardotrainingcenter.com about what a safari is: You can derive some idea about Bardo Safaris from knowing something about the origin and meaning of the words.
The Tibetan word Bardo comes from "bar" meaning "in between"; "do" meaning "island" or "marking point". Bardo means literally "intermediate state" - also translated as "transitional state" or "in-between state" or "liminal state". The word origin for safari is Swahili, "journey", from Arabic "safarī" - of a journey. It involves a whole team complete with guide and explorers.

You don't however need to know exactly what a Bardo Safari is or looks like in order to make them an integral part of your spiritual practice.

Bardo Safaris were conceived of by E.J. Gold and are offered by the team at the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being, IDHHB. Safaris are not done for individual merrit but for the benefit of all beings everywhere. They are a major component of online Bardo Training.

Here are some of the benefits you might see through the work in safaris.

Sometimes you get a better understanding about something by hearing what others have to say through testimonials.

E.J. Gold and a rather large group of fellow bardo travellers have been conducting Bardo Safaris of various kinds for decades, including online since the early days of online gaming.
Currently Bardo safaris are gatherings which typically last 2 hrs. They are deliberate expeditions into spiritual realms -- like a prayer circle - with powerful applications for your practical work on self and self observation.

The Institute conducts online Bardo Safaris daily during the week and several times per day during the weekend. A variety of online environments are being used for this purpose.

You can now remote a Bardo Safari. Re-moting is an amazing tool for awakening and service, leveling up, to speak with the gamer's words.