Why do I have a garden section here?

Because of a connection to the earth, plants and animals. All my life, nature has played an important role. In many ways, it made it possible for me to even stay here...on the planet. So it's important to me.

I am very aware of different approaches in working and dealing with the soil and how to grow things and, having said that, I also need to acknowledge that the time, energy and resources I can devote to gardening is definitely very limited. The soil here get's baked in the summer and it's so hot and without rainfall for so long, it makes almost every plant die without watering. This too is a severe limitation. There is however a piece of land that I am working with.

So here is the idea: create garden beauty that in time will be self sustained with a minimum amount of additional water. I say beauty and I mean that, even though this garden may never look like it could win a contest.

It is an experiment. It will take years to develop.

Here are some thoughts:

  • Aim for healthy soil
  • Aim for plant variety
  • Work with what is there
  • Accept beneficial plants that are given to you for whatever reason
  • Accept what help shows up, for example seeds, money for planting materials, rice hulls....
  • All plants get some help getting started, this includes watering and weeding
  • If a weed takes over, it needs to be limited
  • If a plants needs too much care, it will not make it here
  • Watch and see what grows and what does not
  • Find companion plants to those that do grow here
  • Use everything possible from your garden to make compost
  • Make the walkways the way that naturally evolve and are useful

Maybe it's like reinventing the wheel, don't know...it is what I am doing

Here are a couple of pictures to illustrate different gardening approaches: