One Thursday in early December 2007 at lunch, E.J. Gold started talking about the greenhouses and garden (as he periodically has done) here at what is called "The Land" and that we should have all the greenhouses running and functional year round and grow our own food...

Some of us felt inspired to pick up the batan and we have since then formed a Green-House Garden Project Group with the intention to get this garden as food productive year round as possible.

This needs a team of folks with various skills and willingness to work, and work together...a real team. Let's see what can be done as a PoG here.

Click here for updates and progress reports

Greenhouse baby lettuce shortly after it got planted. Working the soil in here, greenhouse #2, for several weeks this fall reminded me that working the earth is hard work. I really appreciate wanting to use oxen and horses to help plough through the ground, especially when it is dry and hard.

Fixing the roof of greenhouse #1 in December 2007...just a couple of weeks before the... I am getting ahead of myself here. We were going to get a message from the Universe soon enough. Look for what happened in the progress reports...