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We had our first green-house project garden meeting December 17, 2007. That name was kind of long..and the meetings soon started being called garden meetings :)

Here, from left to right Tom,Wally, Glenn, Dick, Bert, Ruth and Lee...myself, I am taking the picture. Back there in the kitchen you can see Jewel.

Glenn and Lee have been, through the years, instrumental in the working and management of Gorebag's garden. They have been and are the sine qua non. ...those without whom nothing goes.

Here the minutes from the first meeting if you are interested:

Subject: from the GP meeting last Monday Date sent: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 21:15:10 -0800

Hi all

Before it gets totally buried, here's my summery of the Green House Project meeting we had on Monday. I will call it GP meeting from now on. I tried to be brief and not miss anything really important.
Present were Glenn, Lee, Wally, Bert, Ruth, Dick, Tom and myself. A couple of folks listened in from the kitchen from time to time also. We met for about 1 1/2 hrs.
We brought up a broad range of topics from the green house structures, siting and drainage issues, ventilation, garden issues in general, Community Supported Agriculture plans, cost of gardening here, at the 35, involving the Rose Garden land which Nancy said is available, fans, water heater, orchard, chicken eating the larvea in the spring for about 2 weeks to cut down on pests in the fruits, harvesting ... and so on. We did not look at the generator.
Regarding costs, noone at the meeting thought it was going to be cheaper to grow our own food. Everyone liked the idea of growing our own food to the point of being independent of outside supplies. It was expressed more than once that this will require not a one time participation, or one that lasts about a month or 2, but would have to be sustained effort.
When discussing community supported agriculture, it was also expressed more than once, should we end up going with a model like this, that those eating from the garden also be contributing financially, not just time. The feeling was that if people have money in it, they would actually keep their commitment to the garden work.
Steps to be taken till the next meeting:
Information gathering on actual food consumption of the various things we presently eat. This will be determined in pounds per week, both from the land and the 35. (Jewel, Wally)
We need information on how much can be grown on a 4x35 feet bed per growing season.(Bert will start looking into those numbers)
We need information on cost of soil supplement per bed per growing cycle (Glenn)
Cost and payment for gardening will need to be discussed....and handled.
Specifically, for the near fulture plan, we are going to get the present green houses ready for planting in the spring (or late winter). Glenn and Dick will come up with projects to be done Sundays after breakfast to start with.
Dick and Glenn to come up with a way for ventilation the gh without electric. Dick had an idea in that regard.
Email to the community to inform them and make participation available. (Christiane)
Determining participation and commitment to the garden from people at the land.
Start thinking about including other staple foods into our diet which tolerate cold weather.
Our next meeting is scheduled Thursday, January 3 at 10am.
I told E.J. a little bit about the meeting. He was aware about the cost of gardening and estimated them to be 12-15000 $ if the whole garden is worked. He said about a certain gripe that he has had the same one for years. He thought, in regards to food production, that it would not yield enough for what is needed.
Thanks so much all, and I'll try to keep you posted.