After the Storm

Sooo, here we were with all our plans and then this big storm hits in January 2008. We were without power for about 18 hrs, streets into town were not passable due to open power lines.
Our greenhouses were in bad shape too, except the one with the lettuce and peas in it, it was left unscathed :)

Greenhouse #1 was hardest hit.

We got together again and re-planned. We decided to try hoop-house roofs after all.

The weather was really nice these past few days in early February. You could watch the lettuce grow, the chard started sprouting, the peas are blooming.
The lettuce looks really good. You can see the chard in a row on either side if it. We'll see how fast it grows. It is a winter crop after all.
It's been such a pleasure to work in the garden at this time: it's dry, green, pleasant temperature, and no mosquitos yet.

On Sunday, February 11, after the workshop and breakfast, we had our first garden crew of the year working.We decided to rebuild greenhouse #4 after all, using the west end to start plants indoors.
Here's Jim hammering. He says:'s not about strenght, it's about having the momentum of the tool work for you.

Still deciding on the construction of the hoop-house roof.

It's an adventure, and looking at it all today, it's a daunting task.
Several folks could work this full time :)