The Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being - IDHHB

For a period of time, I volunteered all of my time and energy at the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being, IDHHB. Being a total computer noob, my IDHHB events pages were rather simple and were done in an effort to make impressions available to the larger community.

The following statement is taken from the IDHHB website. "IDHHB is dedicated to the pursuit of higher consciousness, and consists of individuals and groups studying ancient teachings for spiritual awakening and personal transformation. We offer a large variety of publications and transformational tools and frequently sponsor workshops, talks and conferences with our founder, E.J. Gold, as well as with Claudio Naranjo, Lee Lozowick, A.H. Almaas and others.

We have served in the area of Death & Dying for over thirty years, bringing the practices of the American Book of the Dead and the Labyrinth Readers' Course to individuals, medical practitioners and hospices.

A recommended introduction to our work is found in "The Rembrandt Talk" by E.J. Gold, available on CD.