Dead of Winter Workshop

Grass Valley, November 24-28, 2005

How does this relate to me?
And what can I do about that?

Those were 2 of the most important questions that surfaced during this workshop. If you ever wondered why E.J. is coming up with all these business ideas for folks and how it relates to the Work, this would have been a good one to attend. It's all on DVDs if you are interested.

Movements are an integral part of every workshop.
This time with added counting by the participants, taking it a notch higher.

Introducing E.J. Gold's JazzArt(R) and Tatoo Fashions(TM). The Art on some of these is spectacular, amazing or simply beautiful. Sometimes I just want to frame it...

Laughing is part of the course....

Working on the greenhouse project.
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The making of the Galaxy dress. This was fun...
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Choosing your level of involvement in the
E.J. Gold's Tatoo Fashion(TM)
If you would like to get involved with us in this work and entrepreneurial project, please use our contact form.

Bardo Training is an integral part of what is happening at workshops and inbetween.
Here we are introducing the game that may have to replace the current training game. Diablo has unique advantages, and if you have not worked with us in safaris yet, but need to, hurry before it's too late.

E.J. and Jim working the heat press

I just had to show you this one with the background of a great paining for IAJE 2006