My intention here was to give you some information on the art of collecting coins, ancient and modern coins themselves, their metal composition, grading systems and prices. Being only a novice collector loving things both ancient and beautiful, I could not just type away but went on line for some information ....and omg, I am so inspired by what I found. I even went as for as writing "Thank you" in an e-mail to one of the people who put some of what he knows online in a way that is understandable and inspiring.

There is so much information available, it almost seems inappropriate for me to write to you about anything factual about coins, in part because the "facts" are not easily defined or objective as such when it comes to coins, especially the ancient ones. I tried anyway.
Click here for some info bits.

The first question that came up for me in trying to go about writing about collecting coins had been: Since when have people collected coins? Which obviously brings up the next question...well, since when do coins actually exist, an obvious prerequisite to collecting them? So there I was, using google and tying in: first coins. I could not possibly adequately describe what I found. It's so worth a discovery journey.

I got in touch again with the part of me that really loves and appreciates the ancient coins and the history around them. I know, given my current life and age and all the things I am interested in and do, I will never be an expert collector in this field in this lifetime, but it would be great to just own a couple of exquisite pieces and have them be wearable as a locket. Of course, such a thing would probably horrify a true collector, and I would obviously never do that with the really great coins. I could be happy with just a few beautiful ancient coins. Who knows, if it's greek, maybe it touched Socrates' hands some day, or, more modern, maybe Jeffersons' or Washingtons'. To even know a coin I own was around during their time will carry the energy of that time and there are ways to connect with that. Then there is the sheer amazement of what human were capable of hundreds and thousands of years agao, their craftsmanship, sense of aestetic and beauty. Coins can be timeless, and their appreciation spirtual.

E.J. Gold has collected coins, both ancient and modern, for many years and also makes some available as wearable jewelry and lucky charms. Check it out here. You can also show your love for coins by surrounding yourself with everyday items such as tote bags, mouse pads, cups or t-shirt displaying coins.
In any case, have fun browsing, both our boutique, wearable coin jewelry and the websites (links below), and in doing so, maybe and most importantly, you will discover YOUR love and passion for coins and connect with times and places you never thought were available to you before.
Here just a couple of links to sites for coins. Just go on from there. There are many more.

First coin
Greek and Roman Coins
Grading ancient coins