Angelic Music and the Facebook connection

I like Facebook for this reason: it makes it possible to keep better connected with people all over the world than if you didn't have access to it. You may check out the links of what they found interesting, inspiring, beautiful or useful or not it really depends on you. So this evening I followed a link and now I am listening to a piano piece from the: 2010 New Decade Concert: Deborah Judith takes us where Galaxies Dance With Delight ...

It is beautiful.
I had no clue she can play like that.
There are some instruments, like harp and piano, which can open doors to certain vibrational realms which I call angelic realms. Mastery of an instrument, or at least the ability to play like this can be such a blessing.

I know now too what it reminds me of: Marjorie playing harp during the goddess meditations in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

I love it...and I have missed it without knowing.

The Space
The Congregation

It's a vibration it's a feeling it's a longing - it's a space

I like facebook: it can open doors and you can hide all those silly apps without banning the people :)

Galaxies Dance With Delight:

to listen, watch the video below.

I then went on to do a zen flute assignment and started to listen to Duke Ellington: Take The "A" Train. :) Different ballgame - different universe....