Zen Flute

Transforming recorder playing into zen flute playing and practice has been an amazing journey. Here is a letter from one of the participants who has taken up the practice:

Gosh, I'm having wonderful experiences playing  with the Zen flute! Even my housemate, who almost never appears beyond her room, has commented lots of times about the Zen flute music I keep pouring  through the house at all hours from Gorebaggtv. She's said she loves to wander into the kitchen, hearing "this strange beautiful music" -- and it's EJ on Zen Flute!

She commented on my practicing--I now have three plastic flutes-- a Yamaha soprano (plastic) recorder I've had since the turtle house days, and the two-buck chuck recorder--a delightful little flute, plus one alto flute from David Franco who said he wasn't playing it--and gave it to me, saying I might make something of it. (However, I find the alto is much more difficult, but I've been exploring it)--well, anyway, she has commented on my practicing... She loves the sounds of all the flutes, even my clumsy explorations. Best of all, she says in the middle of the night, (when I remember to keep gorebaggtv on), she hears EJ playing when she emerges and it always surprises her, and cheers her up.  And that's good. (She is great with plants, avoids people, and keeps a friendly dog).

EJ is a marvelous teacher! Very subtle. These classes are mesmerizing.

Thank you so much for this magic! (I'm learning to breathe more gently.)

--J.H. California

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