What do you mean: practices?

I mean to engage in and/or explore repeatedly, diligently and with some discipline activities and areas in depth for the purpose of penetrating to an essential, higher vibrational level than ordinary unconscious existence. Generally these practices are done with an intention to go beyond the level of human primate ego, beyond the "normal" state of consciousness. Maybe one should say: spiritual practices.
All forms of meditation are usually intended for this, art can be used that way, relationship, sexual and other forms of yoga, dance, cooking, spiritual gaming and doing specially designed exercises, selling, group work and even healing and therapy...anything you do to get you to be here with a high degree of attention and essential presence. The above list is quite short, actually, it is beneficial to engage in practices which will engage all aspects of your being.

Practices have an effect on your body-mind towards a healthier beingness. At least that's one of the purpose. Ability to relax out of the ordinary thinking ego-mind will eventually make it more possible for you to recognize your true nature - to "wake up".

Often in this process of becoming conscious, or awakening, we are in need of help of those who have walked this path before us and can hopefully guide us. Those teachers, helpers and guides come in various shapes and forms and levels of realization - and some, if not all, use certain methods and tools to help in the process - using those tools with intention and discipline can become a real practice. Some of the explorations on these pages have to do with guides I met on the path this time around, some deal with tools used in practice.

After some years in this work I noticed: those we do a great deal of work with, we likely have worked with before. It appears that certain soul groups tend to reincarnate to work together again and again. At least so it seems to me at this point.