The reasons we dance are many. Primal innate rhythm and movement with stimulation of the brain pleasure center, expression of joy of life, dance to forget or to remember, dance to invoke, perform, heal, impress or just because....you name it.
Consciously involving the neuro-muscular system - moving - especially with sound, can be a very powerful tool in your awakening process.

You may end up using it as a primary practice, or it may only be a temporary, though necessary, phase for you to dance.

There are a few places and modes of dance I have explored which I consider very worthwhile. One was dancing at the Friday night drumming and then free form dancing/movement at the BBSH, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I will soon explain why.
The other explorations were oriental dance, that is Middle Eastern or "belly" dance with Morocco, and ESD, Erotic Spirit Dance, as presented by E.J. Gold.