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Why heal? - you ask. Before saying more, please take a moment to reflect on: What does healing mean to you? What images come up for you when you imagine healing?

Healing comes from the word 'hal' and whole, holy, heal, heil all have the same origin. Being whole, being healed implies a non-brokenness, an integrity, which allows for functioning as it should be. And I think that really is the essence of it. For a certain level of functioning, a certain level of wholeness needs to be there, and to that degree, healing may need to happen. This does not mean someone can't be a great yogi and not be completely dysfunctional in some ways. It also does not mean you can't have moments of times where you shine as the Light that you are. Someone might be dying but shine so brightly that you can hardly stand it. Healing does not feel necessary here, does it? Healing responses are approaches to life in the moment, and if healing is needed, then that is what you address.

This next paragraph is mostly copied it from my unpublished book: "Why I left Medicine": "Healing methods are many, and which one you need, noone may know better than your inner self. These days, visiting healers and alternative medicine practitioners is very accepted - again one might say. Recently I have come across an amazing device, which, though not originally intended for this purpose, nonetheless could have an excellent function in your healing journey. But first, let's investigate "healing" a little more and what methods might be employed in healing.

In Hebrew, the word for dream is halom. According to some scholars the verb (halam), "to dream," and the verb (halam), "to be in good health," are related. Healing may need to be physical, emotional, or on various levels of psychological and energy fields. It may be needed in the thinking process and belief system. And it includes the spiritual aspects of a being. Dreams often reveal parts of ourselves that lie in the unconscious, waiting to be integrated into the whole of who we are. Even everyday dreaming is essential to our health and well-being on many levels.

Some of the descriptions that follow might make you think of a modern day spa, and in fact, even more inclusive. In ancient Greece, people would go on a pilgrimage to the healing sanctuaries of Asclepius, the Greek God of Healing. Those sanctuaries could be found all over the Hellenic world. This tradition was active for almost 2000 years starting from around 1300 bc. In those healing sanctuaries they would be offered bodywork, hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, good food and changes in diet. They also enjoyed theater, music and poetry, which can touch on a very deep soul level and thus provide healing. When the temple "Therapeutes" (therapists) considered a person was ready, they would be introduced to the Abaton. The Abaton was a space where the patient would pray and sleep expecting a visitation from Asclepius in their dreams. Healing would come about through a visitation of the healing god (or one of his totems) in a dream. Often the dream would result in a spontaneous healing or provide an indication of what needed to be done or undone for healing to occur. Please make a note of what "body" the patient was most likely using to meet the healing god."

Isn't that all amazing? This particular description sounds quite contemporary. Much has been written in books and on the web on healing modalities of all sorts. In recent years, high tech devices have been added, as well as color, light and vibrational modalities for healing. Meditation and it's effects on the body-mind have been much investigated in recent years. Personally, I have experience with a variety of healing and therapy modalities. One very interesting and unexpected experience occurred with a relatively new device. How I met my PUP shaman - healer.