Allone - Hey, You!

Are we not essentially alone? Of course, who else is there? There is only This, the One and Only Being. The beauty of that realization and being here, here as in: here embodied on the planet earth in and as a human physical body and being is - that we get to play with the illusion of another. Feeling connected to another, being one with another. Another you. Hey you. It's good to see you here in this Universe. I am glad you came along for the ride. I find the essential being, the voyager, the player behind the character, the individuated consciousness an amazing invention of the ONE. To design, by intent of default, a world in which consciousness araises as Self awareness, Being here, allowing for all kinds of experiences and states to be lived and felt and perceived, and allowing to say: hey you.
You being a shard, a miniscule part of the light of God, a FRACTION of The One and THE One at the same time. I wish you are lucky enough in your lifetime here to really have sat in the presence of another with full awareness of this in mutual recognition - in recognition of your own Godness...It is amazing... and no words I know can express that feeling.
In that moment, you have found what you were looking for. In the moment of that mutual recognition of who you really are... all else falls away. You were home for just a moment...and it lasts forever. And yet, for most of your life, there's yearning for that oneness.
Are there other ways to experience oneness - you tell me.