Favelas and Integral business?

This primitive structure, meant to be a makeshift lawn mower shelter, took time and strength to build, and it actually is an improvement over what there was before. To make it any better looking: I just didn't have it, the strength and time.
Working with what you got: looking at this structure, I suddenly am being reminded of, keep "seeing" favelas. Driving by favelas, squatter settlements, in Rio de Janerio, on the way to my then in laws, is the first time I ever actually saw them.
I know the intention I had when working on this and can still feel in my muscles strain it took. And yet, even placing the plant pots on the walls did not really change the impression: that of favelas, slums, makeshift poor quarters and it became a doorway into those worlds with scenes and sounds and people, and bare feet and ... This kind of shift is very difficult to describe. And the consideration came up: even there, and even though it would be difficult, one could have an altar small, simple, with maybe 1 image and a small plant, a cross or some item held sacred in a corner of a room. Even there, one can put the sacred into one's life, have access to higher vibration, insight. Even there one can place items with intention, care for a child, or serve a simple meal with love. What about integral practice there? What would that look like? And why does a part of me think I am no different now...looking with some amazement at this structure I am working with, the sight if which almost won't allow me to get back here.
A lot of people live very differently than the American middle and upper classes, in fact, most of them. How would it look, what would change, if those in charge in big business were truly "integral"? What if exposure to psilocybin, known to induce profound spiritual experiences with lasting positive effects, were a mandatory part of everyone's higher education? So what's the point to all this not sure, I suppose you have to be there when the door opens...I can't help to sense the non-separateness from those living in favelas, a desire to guide them, care for them in the sense as to build good sanitary structures, start real education for the children, and yet, on the purely physical level, I don't know I could survive there even a day, and I don't have the skill set or energy required to actually do anything. So for now: I won't be looking down on this admittedly somewhat miserable looking structure in this garden....