This Little Pear Tree's Branch

In the back of our garden here I discovered a little pear tree earlier this year.
A couple of days ago I ended up there again in its presence and decided to go get my camera to show you something.

But first, a (simple) question for you. Have you ever thought that no matter what you do or how much you try to change your ways that it somehow just never seems good enough, that you can't really do your job right, that fundamenteal change may not really be possible and that maybe there just is no way and you should just give it up already?

Well, here is a picture of this little pear tree as you approach it. Look at those fruit...looks delicious..

Walking around the tree I noticed this branch here:

You can't fail to notice however, that


Looking closer


and closer


The branch is broken. How come there are so many pears growing on it though?

It's hard to believe this could be so..but, remembering how trees and plants's possible.
Notice too the big supporting pole there.


And I was marveling. Granted, I don't know why the branch broke. I never saw it otherwise. But even though it is almost completely broken off, it's bearing many fruit....
What would you tell the tree if it put all its energy in trying to fix itself, become "whole" again??
So, you being a part, a branch of the larger tree if you will, and feeling the break, your own long as you are remaining connected at all, there is life, there are fruit...and who can tell what the effects of those fruit will be? So there was some help from the Universe, that support beam, -- Sooo? What's wrong with some help? It was necessary.

OH, I see, you want to be able to do it alone? And besides, you wanted to look great and healthy and intact and so on???
So, here's to you little pear tree who did not give up that branch who allows for many fruit to grow regardless, and the branch who accepted the help that was given, who carried blossoms, attracted bees, and continues to keep it going till harvest time.



So what is it about us that may want to have it any other way than how it is? Will you wither or not try your best just because it is not the way you think it was supposed to be? Because you feel too cut off? You feel too damaged?
Well, this little pear tree is doing pretty well with that broken branch.


And just for those who are always coming up with another point...even if you were all broken off, you'd still serve well in compost if you wanted to....:-)