Connected to everything that is

Extraterrestrials of a different kind

When you get interested in meteorites and their stories, shapes and compositions, it opens the door to an entire world for you, a world you can get lost in and one that can become your life.
Meteorites are a reminder that we all are connected. If you're looking for an extraterrestrial, meteorites are your safest, surest and most accessible option.
If you know how to psychometrically read a meteorite, the results could be interesting, to say the least.

Think about it though, everything we see is recycled stardust taking various shapes and forms, in a variety of dimensions. We really are all-one.

Meteorites wrapped in silver or copper wire are a beautiful way you can wear a meteorite wherever you go. One way of saying: I am connected to everything that is.

People did not always believe that meteorites are bodies from outer space, somewhere other than earth, who have "landed" here. What happens when a meteor hits the ground? As most meteors are small, usually not much,and indentations they make soon disappear due to erosion. However, 49,000 years ago, a large meteor created Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona, formerly known as Canyon Diablo Crater.

Barringer Crater, Arizona.

The meteorite which made it was almost entirely composed of nickel-iron, suggesting that it may have originated in the interior of a small planet.
It was not until 1960 that research by Eugene M. Shoemaker would confirm Barringer's hypothesis that this crater was indeed made by a large object coming from space. The kind of mineral composition found in the Crater cannot be created by volcanic action; the only known mechanism of creating them is through an impact event.
Shoemaker's discovery was the first definitive proof of an extraterrestrial impact on the Earth's surface and caused a sensation in the geological world. Since then, numerous impact craters have been identified around the world.

Here is a fun video: