The Red Bag of Service

This is for those who would like to enter a certain path of evolution and still need some external structure, borrow some will or necessity, or, as it may sound, a little kick in the behind to actually do it.

Crafting work tools for a specific and demanding path: "The Way of Service" is one of E.J. Gold's specialties. One this path, there are a number of levels and steps. You can take a pulse of where you are at with applying yourself using the Red Bag of Service. Disguised as a chocolate business, sell chocolates door to door or on the street. The custom wrapped bars say: Life Sucks, then you die. On the back it asks: Is there more? YES and then it leads to That is all. You don't actually have to be a hot shot know it all with all answers. All you do is point to a direction.

You go out because someone needs the message, because you need to meet someone that day - someone needs to buy that chocolate bar with the message and bring it home with them - any maybe even just hear it. Just as quantum physics is discovering: a minute, small and seemingly insignificant event can cause humongous shifts within a given universe. You are called to serve and open the door to possibilities for someone and are given an amazingly workable tool to do so by selling these chocolates on the street.

The mere selling transaction itself, depending where you are at in your process, or just the going out and even talking to strangers, might be difficult. Ha, getting off the couch might seem like a lot, as might be getting past any of the excuses you come up with as to why you can't = won't do it. Selling itself is about your being present with another. And we're not talking about you giving away the chocolates, but selling them and the price is not it if you can't and it's not the product. Facing rejection is a big one to deal with here. The NO, I don't want that and, though unspoken, you taking it personal as: I don't want you and you are full of shit, go away, over and over until something in you gets what it is about. But it's not the mere selling that we are aiming for here. You might ask: what if I already know how to sell? Well, go find out, just as you can when you are a high level character in a video game: What's there to do, what's the next level then?

Are you looking for something more in your life or something deeper in yourself? The higher purpose, a meaning beyond your little ego? Do you want to be on the spiritual path, or are you still pretending? If you are happy and content where you are at, don't rock the boat because you can start with something real right now - and it will have consequences.

Once you get the bag, you get out there. You will be working with self initiated efforts, and there will be weekly encounters with the home base which are instructions and reports and, after some time, the evaluation of progress. There will be plenty of repetition. And, you will finally have personal experience personally experienced what this is all about. You can have all the discussions you want, now you can get to work involving all the centers you got. Talk about integration - what a chance to make progress and what a chance to serve. Is there something in it for YOU? Let me know - and I am not just saying that, let me know how it really goes.